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Black Marble

Coaching for Individuals

Facing an opportunity or a challenge can be intimidating. As your personal development coach, I will help you find the context and framing that it make it easier to find a good path forward. I will be your sounding board and your accountability partner.


Career Planning

Whether it's the first step on the career ladder, aiming for a higher rung, or figuring out a new direction, let's create a plan to get you there.

Spiral Stairs

Life Transitions

Rather than be stuck in the chaos of transitions, I can help you seize the moment and forge ahead. Together we can manage change in a conscious way. 

You Will Do Big Things

Goals & Action Plans

We will get clarity on what you're striving to achieve. Then identify the priorities that will get you to your goals, find behaviors that will help you thrive, and make a plan to stay on track.

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